The COVID pandemic caused financial hardships for many Americans when most of the country shut down in March. Hopefully, there will be some financial relief in sight for personal care service employees as “under the mask” guidelines have been updated.

Personal care services may resume in the state of New York for employees who provide services that would require customers to remove their masks. The services were previously prohibited in phase 3 of Governor Cuomo’s reopening plans, but the guidelines have been recently updated.

The new guidelines say, “Personal care services that require customers to remove face coverings (e.g. face massage, facials, face waxing around lip or nose areas, face tattoos, facial makeup, cosmetic lip tattooing, lip/nose piercing, beard trimming, or shaving) are prohibited unless the employee is wearing a face shield or similar barrier in addition to the face covering.”

Under the mask guidelines also require employees performing such services be tested at least once since September 3, 2020, with a negative test result.

Governor Cuomo‘s office worked with a group of barbers, makeup artists, and estheticians to come up with guidelines for performing personal care services safely.

Employees who work to provide personal care services have been strictly prohibited in New York State, with a little conversation regarding their loss of income.

Such services may seem trivial to some people, but to others they are significant. Personal hygiene and appearance are necessary to maintain professionalism and personal expression.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to provide for their families. The question is, will customers patronize these businesses and help them get back on their feet?

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