Paul Wall Houston Oiler Album Review:

Yes he still does music ya’ll and still killing it and still swanging like he do. He keeps it all the way H-Town as always does keeps it real trill. This album will be overlooked once again but shouldn’t now more than that I feel like Houston Rap doesn’t get the recognized the way it’s supposed to because it’s so different than the rest of rap. Paul Wall always puts on for H-Town you can’t deny the slab culture it’s so dope gotta love it.

Bob Levey, Getty Images

He needs to get recognized more than just in Houston because he still got it for sure his album last year Slab God wasn’t too shabby either he’s so dope it’s just frustrating that Houston doesn’t get the recognition that they deserve to because they’ve got so much more of a different sound than the rest of the landscape of rap that’s why I love listening to all different types of rap because you’ll always hear something that you haven’t heard before. Houston is the embodiment of that now His album should be an honorable mention because its pretty dope project and your ears will thank you after you hear it and even maybe even make you a fan of his.

Here’s the link to this really dope project don’t sleep on it you’ll regret it. And As always It’s Paul Wall baby!!!! Keep swanging with the candy paint on the slab.

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