So The Tan Boy Legend himself is back and is on some ish. This album is all types of Grimey hardcore Hip-Hop at its finest. His flow, delivery, wordplay, lyricism is On-Point as ever on this Gem.

Bodega is a Star in the making for real, if you aren't familiar with the Spanish Harlem LEGEND, well I HIGHLY Suggest you start listening to him. Bodega been killing since his first album Sidewalk Exec back in 2015 from that album to this album you can tell the growth in his lyrics, wordplay, delivery just everything about this album is so iLL.

The best songs on this masterpiece are Broke, Fuego, Jefe, Mad, Clout, 119th, Emergency.

On Clout Bamz is basically saying I don't do it just to make other people happy I'm doing it for me forget the rest of ya'll love that attitude.

On Broke he's rapping about how "yea I was broke when I was growing up in the Projects but I made something of myself and made out my way", the way I wanted to I think that's so Real man because a lot of people would take handouts to get out of a bad situation. Nope, not Bodega he a real one he's self-made as they come.

What I love most about this album is that he's very proud of his Domnican Heritage which is just awesome you should be proud of where you come from he's definitely coming from humble beginnings but he's becoming a legend before our very eyes.  I give this album a 10/10 Rating straight fire !!!

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