Top 10 Of 2019

Billboard just released the half of the year album sale numbers for this year, its crazy that we are only 5 months away from 2020.
Power Update
Power is back for season number 5 and there's a new Sunday Night Villian and he might be more sinister than anyone I've ever seen on TV in my life. We are talking 2 Pac in Juice slimy. He is 14 year old Tariq St. Patrick, in the most recent episode of Power he tipped off the person who is …
Paul Wall – Houston Oiler [Album Review]
Paul Wall Houston Oiler Album Review:
Yes he still does music ya’ll and still killing it and still swanging like he do. He keeps it all the way H-Town as always does keeps it real trill. This album will be overlooked once again but shouldn’t now more than that I feel …