Remember, like five years ago, when everything Paris Hilton did was big news? That was weird, right?

Hilton’s latest song ‘Drunk Text,’ dropped yesterday without any of the fanfare of her previous slickly produced but thinly executed classics.

We still watched the song’s whole video, because it’s sort of our job. But, actually, we recommend you do the same just because we are curious to know what you think Hilton is doing during the song. It’s certainly not singing and it would be hard to call it rapping. Is it spoken word? Anyway, the video is NSFW for langauge, not just because your co-workers could see you watching Paris Hilton attempt to make music.

There is probably a good lesson there, somewhere beyond the lipstick and flashing lights, about how drunk texting is a bad idea. For that matter, you should try not to text while you are walking. In fact, SMS messages are best sent when you’re seated and in a state of sobriety. But you probably didn’t need Paris Hilton to tell you that. (Check out photos and a link to the video below.)


Update: The video has been pulled from YouTube. Watch it here.