Why do Supermoons get to have all the fun? Yeah, they’re beautiful, but its not fair they get all the attention with all the other amazing sights in the night sky. Upstate New York is getting a particularly spectacular once-a-year treat that will have all space fans excited.

Unlike the quarterly Supermoons, you can look up into the night sky every night until November 22 and see fireballs, meteors, and colorful fire trails that can last for minutes at a time. So, what are we looking for? Here’s what NASA says:

Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse

Upstate New Yorkers could see fireballs like this one during the Orionid Meteor Shower.

The meteors are called the Orionids because they are seen near the star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion. Even if you’re not particularly astrologically inclined, Orion is always easy to find. Remember: he’s the most fashion-forward constellation because he’s always got his belt.

The meteors aren’t actually coming from those stars, but from dust fragments of Earth’s most famous comet, Halley’s Comet.  When our planet passes through that dust on our orbit around the Sun, it burns up in our atmosphere. This creates the spectacular fiery streaks in the sky.

What’s the Best Way to See The Orionids?

The constellation Orion, with the star Betelgeuse highlighted.
Orion & Betelgeuse - Canva

Like all cosmic phenomena, the farther away you can get from light pollution the better. The asteroid trails are so bright you don’t need a telescope or any fancy equipment. Head outside for about a half-hour to let your eyes adjust to the darkness, face southeast (remember Orion), and enjoy the show!

As for the best hours to watch, night owls and early birds have it best. Peak Orionid hours are midnight until dawn, and NASA says the best day for viewing is Friday the 21st.

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