Nicki Minaj's demanding diva side was on full and unflattering display during last night's (Nov. 4) episode of her three-part E! reality series, 'Nicki Minaj: My Truth.'

The truth is Minaj comes across as very difficult, unpleasant to staff and anyone who offers a dissenting opinion and that she thinks super highly of herself at this phase of her relatively young career. It's one thing to be a confident diva, but Minaj does not wear the martyr act well.

At one point, when asked, she says she would describe herself as "a crazy psychopath with great intentions." That's the Minaj we get in this special.

We see her in the studio, where she says that she'll never be thanked for opening doors and that "I am an easy person for people to ridicule and tear apart." The martyr role isn't necessary, Nicki! You are talented and people love you, but now we are questioning why, since you come across as so prickly in this special. It's not a matter of "she is woman, hear her roar" or a business woman simply protecting the brand she worked tirelessly to build. It just translates to whiny and rude, and an overly inflated sense of self.

At her fragrance launch, which she estimates as a milestone for herself, hip-hop and black girls everywhere, she blows up at people on the set over clothes and what they are doing.

While this series is meant to be a promotional vehicle for the biggest female rapper working today, it definitely painted her in a non-positive light. She comes across as a prima donna of the highest order and it might make her legion of Barbz step back and be like "Whoa" about her b---tasticness.

It's not all diva antics, though. She has fun in the studio, which she calls her "9 to 5." We get a keyhole view into her process in the studio, which is certainly intimate.

She also shows herself being vulnerable and still second-guessing her decision to do 'American Idol' since she's "human" and "it's a big job." She has first day anxiety over what outfit she is going to wear, and wondering what people will think and prepares herself to be judged… even though she is doing the judging. It's like a bridesmaid worrying about what people think of her dress; sorry, but they are not looking at you, they are looking at the bride. Minaj doesn't seem to "get" that concept with 'Idol.'

At her style and fitting session for her first day, she doesn't like what clothes this particular stylist has pulled, which requires a second pull that makes her over an hour late for her first day on the show. That's a poor showing.

We notice that she talks about having anxiety a lot. Perhaps that is the underlying issue, not the desire to be difficult. She does turn on the charm when meeting someone's baby daughter. Then she takes Perez Hilton to task, saying that she is sick of him printing lies. We like when she gets sassy at some points.

Overall, the first ep of 'My Truth' showed the many sides, personalities, moods, personas and alter egos of Nicki Minaj, the ones that are likeable and the ones you don't want to encounter.

The episode felt a bit too megalomaniacal for the 'Starships' singer's own good. She might have to do damage control after this mini-series.

Watch a Clip of Nicki Minaj's 'My Truth' on E!