A new study just ranked all 50 states from the best to worst drivers. And no, believe it or not, it's not a 50-way tie for "worst."

The rankings are based on four factors:

- The percentage of uninsured drivers
- DUIs per capita
- fatal accidents per capita
- Google searches for things like "speeding ticket" or "traffic ticket."

Here is how is breaks down per state

The 10 states with the best drivers are:

- Massachusetts
- Vermont
- Nebraska
- Connecticut
- New York
- Delaware
- Maine
- New Hampshire
- Rhode Island
- Utah.

People are probably better drivers in the northeast part of the country because we have to dodge all of the potholes, as well as the other hazards other parts of the country don't have to deal with.

Most of the worst drivers are in the south which also doesn’t come as a surprise. When I lived in Texas they were letting 8-year-olds drive down the street and no one had car insurance or a license. You can check out the best and the worst over at Smart Asset.

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