If you’ve been following New York politics, the news from the United States Census Bureau will certainly have you upset. New York did not fare well with last year's census report and we have to pay for it.

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The United States Census Bureau has reported that several states throughout the nation will lose some of their Senate seats due to a decrease in population, and New York is one of those states.

According to the Daily News, New York fell a little short in response to the US census, and now we have lost one of our Senate seats. When the final count of the 2020 census was done, New York fell short of just 89 people! That means that instead of having 435 seats in the US Senate, now we will have 434.

Kristin Koslap is a Senior Technical Expert at the US Census Bureau. She said, “If New York had had 89 more people, they would have received one more seat. The last seat went to Minnesota, and New York was next in line. And if you do the algebra equation that determines how many they would have needed, it’s 89 people but that’s if you hold the population of all other states constant.“

If you recall last year we were in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that may have played into the equation somewhat. But at this point, it doesn’t even matter why we lost the seat-the bottom line is we lost the seat. Now we have to wait and see what other consequences we will have as a result of census reporting.

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