Did you know that Jell-O was founded in New York State? You'd think it may be cool to be from a family that created so many great memories for so many children but a new book released details some pretty dark secrets in the family.

A few years ago, you may remember the story of a bunch of girls in LeRoy, New York who were experiencing Tourette-like symptoms with an unknown cause. According to FoodBeast, "The symptoms these girls experienced included uncontrollable spasm-like movements, uttering repeatedly strange noises, convulsive fits, and anxiety attacks."

Allie Rowbottom, one of the surviving members of the Jell-O family who owns the patent, blames Jell-O and her family because of the "Jell-O Curse." In Rowbottom's new book, Jell-O Girls, she goes into detail about "a clear history of the women being physically and mentally abused by the men, including instances of sexual assault and rape."

FoodBeast went into incredible detail about the lives of the women in the "Jell-O Family" and how it spread to other girls living in LeRoy. Rowbottom went on to say, “To express and exorcise one’s trauma, the myriad emotions that trauma entails, will never be a sign of weakness (despite what cultural forces may try to tell us),” she says, “but rather, a sign of strength.”

As I mentioned, to read through the secrets of a family, of things that happened not that far away and not that long ago - it's unbelievable- check out the FoodBeast website.

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