Nicki Minaj pulled up to DJ Clue last night to have a sitdown conversation about her new album, "Barbie Dreams", working with 6ix9ine and more! While everything seemed to go well it looks like DJ Self and Nicki Minaj got into a heated argument on Twitter. What caused this argument is still up in the air according to Charlamagne, Nicki was feeling a way on Twitter because DJ Self said Cardi B's album was better than Nicki's. Now while no one really knows what went down Nicki took to twitter last night in a series of now-deleted tweets saying:

“He’s mad cuz I refused to give him a drop or a hug,” Nicki tweeted. “He was just up there dissin the b*ch thinking that would make me f**k wit him. Lmao. Jokes on you once again dummy. Passed up on ya meal tkt now u get crumbs from her table. Ur a reality tv hoe. Used to be a respected DJ.”

and then adding on

“Where my hug face a$$ n---a. Dissin another female rapper won’t make me like you. You hold no weight in this city. N---a look @ ya roster. I did Clue show & he was up there looking like a sad kid. Asking for a drop trying to get a hug. I won’t give you a drop, ur not a Dj HOE,”

 DJ Self defended himself on IG saying:

 “Well there you have it i never asked for a Hug or a drop truth is i said Hi she said hi back never knew she had an Issue with me we only speak when she has a project dropping so by that i know what my relation is with her Clue asked her to do a drop for Dj Self and she declined which i wasn’t in the room why would she not i have no clue Cause I’m friends w Safaree??? Or Dreamdoll,”

  While both parties have deleted their IG/Twitter posts Nicki Minaj said she's going to be airing it all out this Thursday on Queen Radio..

Check out the full rumor report below...

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