There a new way to catch people in the act of driving under the influence.

Miami Police Erect DUI Checkpoints During Holiday Season
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All too often, people under alcoholic influence will still willingly make the decision to get behind the wheel, risking not only their lives but the lives of those around them. In the event that a person gets pulled over by police and caught under the influence while driving, they are facing huge consequences including a heavy fine, arrest, and either suspension or possible revocation of their license.

Apparently in less than a month, there will be a new ignition interlock device that people who are convicted with a DWI will have to use in order to start their car. This device will have the driver blow into a machine, and if any alcohol is detected, the car will not start. According to News 10, “about two dozen law enforcement professionals will get state-sponsored training to catch people tampering with or avoiding using their interlock device.”

The enforcement of this new device is expected to begin on Memorial Day (May 29) and is supposed to remain up until Labor Day of this year. All people who have been convicted of drunk driving will be subject to the ignition interlock device installation in their vehicle under the Leandra Law. What do you think of this new plan? Will this positively affect our communities and help put a stop to drunk driving, or do you think it is too much and too difficult to implement? Comment below!

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