Don’t you hate when you’re driving and something goes wrong with your car? Sometimes there’s a smell. There could be smoke to alert you. Maybe your vehicle isn’t riding quite as smoothly as usual. But it may be possible that you don’t notice these problems right away, and are informed of the situation by a stranger - like what happened over the weekend in Clifton Park.

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Immediately and understandably suspicious, the officer pulled over Troy-resident Elizabeth Sheyon. Upon approaching the vehicle it quickly became obvious what the problem was: the 41-year-old seemed to have lost both tires on her passengers side and was riding on the rims.

The trooper had her roll down her window to inform her of the bad news, and was hit not just with the smell of hot metal and smoke, but the unmistakable scent of booze. Sheyon refused a sobriety test on the scene and was taken into custody.

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Upon booking at her new overnight accommodations, Sheyon blew a .24% Blood Alcohol Content. New York State has a legal limit of .08%. Charged with Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated, Sheyon could face up to a year in jail or three years probation plus a $1000 fine for a Class A misdemeanor. She has been scheduled to appear at Clifton Park Town Court on May 26th.

No memorial date for Ms. Sheyon’s Passenger Tires has been scheduled. In lieu of flowers, they ask that you please never drink and drive.

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