A listener named Samantha called up the Breakfast Club to ask Angela Yee for some advice. Her husband is currently deployed overseas and she wants to separate from him but he wants to go to counseling. The woman is about to buy a house and move before her husband comes back from his deployment and doesn't want to go to counseling.

Here is the advice Yee gave :

Here is what I think this woman is incredibly selfish, she essentially wants to break up her family, while your husband is risking his life to make sure his family is good financially. This woman doesn't want to be separated because she is already separated, her husband is on deployment you don't get anymore separated than that.

Im sure this woman is already dating from her tone on the phone and she is just looking for a way out to not feel guilty. She has a new man and is in the process of purchasing a house, with her ex-husband's money. This man is overseas ducking bullets to come back home and get killed financially and emotionally. It's a cold world, and I feel bad for him in this situation. What are your thoughts?

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