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Ask Yee
A listener named Samantha called up the Breakfast Club to ask Angela Yee for some advice. Her husband is currently deployed overseas and she wants to separate from him but he wants to go to counseling.
Ask Yee ?
I’ve been into someone for at least 5 months and I haven’t heard from him in days…. What do you suspect I should do ?
The Breakfast Club
Bernice BurgosCame to the Breakfast Club To Chat with Dj Envy, Charlamagne Tha God, And Angela Yee here are five things we've learned about the beautiful urban model today.  When she stopped by the Breakfast Club to clear up a couple of things...
Rumor Report
The Breakfast Club with the latest on the Usher "Herpes" situation. If you missed it there are a couple of women claiming Usher has exposed them to the Herpes virus.
There haven't been any confirmed accounts of Usher transferring herpes to anyone, but a bunch of frivolous clai…
Chris Brown Kicked Off Plane
If you missed the rumor report this morning on The Breakfast Club we've got the rumor report rundown on

What was Chris Brown thinking he was recently kicked off of a private jet for Smoking Weed ?
Did Prince die from fatal mix of  pain killer drugs
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Birdman Walks
In what will arguably go down as the quickest radio interview ever, Birdman walked out of The Breakfast Club interview minutes after he sat down.