Will this Monday ever end? I feel like we get robbed of our weekends. Sundays roll around, you wake up, and bam!!! Next thing you know it's 8pm!! It's a conspiracy I tell ya! And now, here we are stuck, feeling like we will never get home or get out of work at least. We need a little motivation to lift our spirits so why don't we do it musically, with a lil throwback?

The year, 1991. The album, "Juice," the soundtrack from the movie. The group, Naughty by Nature!

I once owned this CD, lord only knows where it went to. Someone probably "borrowed it." Back then, there was no such thing as burning cds, yet. But this was an era where there were lots and lots of movies that had hot soundtracks. New Jack City, Above the Rim, Boomerang, & Mo Money just to name a few. The question is where were you in 1991?

Enough of my banter, I know lots of you are falling asleep on the J - O - B! Well stop that, and take a watch or if you can't watch, listen! Get your work on, soon you will be clocking out in no time honeys!