Miley Cyrus' erratic behavior, as of late, can be described as weird, raunchy and controversial. But what's up with her always sticking her tongue out!?


She may think she's being sexy or rebellious, but Miley is looking quite foolish and very unladylike these days to say the least.

She flaunted her barely-there assets and lack of twerking skillz at The VMAs but there was one more accessory we may've failed to mention...her tongue, which is frequently seen hanging out of her mouth these days!

Much like a drooling dog or a slithering snake, Miley's tongue is becoming reminiscent of Gene Simmons of the legendary group K.I.S.S. & taking on a personality of its own.

When recently asked why her tongue is always hanging out of her mouth, Miley stated, "She smells with it..."!!! OMG, really Miley! (snakes actually do smell with their tongues)

credit: getty images