miley cyrus

Miley Kissed a Girl & She Liked it!
Wild child Miley Cyrus is known for her antics & controversial bad girl behavior.  This time she pulled a "Britney-Christina-Madonna" moment by kissing a girl. Can you guess who the infamous girl is?
Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Dating + Guys Watching Porn
Miley Cyrus split with fiance Liam Hemsworth in September and then there were rumors that she was engaging in a little hookage with Rolling Stone photographer Theo Wenner and actor Kellan Lutz (which he denied). Turns out Miley is not interested in dudes and no, not because she is into the ladies, e…
Miley Cyrus Smoking Weed Drove People to Quit Their Jobs
Miley Cyrus smoking weed is pretty annoying for everyone who realizes it's actually not that big of a deal, nor is it rebellious or unique or badass. But apparently Miley Cyrus' marijuana use still bothers some people, so much that they actually quit their own jobs over it. What happened?

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