Sorry hip-hop elitists, but Migos is officially the hottest rap group in the game at this moment.

For the past two years, the trio has cultivated a deafening buzz for themselves and have built a following of loyalists that champion their stuntastic musings and unique flows. Well, the scrimmages are over and now is the time for Migos to prove themselves on the biggest stage via their upcoming major label debut, 'Y.R.N.: The Album.'

Fans of the group are in for a pleasant surprise today, as Migos has unleashed the lead single to the LP, 'One Time.' Produced by Deko, the track is less rambunctious than their previous hits and has a more relaxed vibe to it, but still possesses all the hallmarks of a Migos record: exquisite adlibs, flamboyant lyrics and infectious flows.

Only time will tell if 'One Time' will have the lasting impact of Migos bangers of past, but one thing is clear: 'Y.R.N.: The Album' is one of the more anticipated musical projects of the year and the first warning shot has finally arrived.

Listen to Migos' 'One Time'