Don't mess with Ghostface Killah when he's on stage in the middle of a performance. Just ask a Texas man, who was in the audience at the rapper's show and started a heated argument.

In a video released by TMZ, you can see the '36 Seasons' creator dare the rowdy audience member to approach him and things quickly escalate from there.

"I dare you to step right there," Ghost says, pointing to the stage. "All that don't mean nothing. Step right there. I will pound you out early. It's Friday night. This n---- will go to sleep early."

The Wu-Tang Clan member then tells the crowd that the man was giving him the middle finger all night and insulting him while he was performing.

At that point, people in the crowd take it upon themselves to start shoving and punching the seemingly drunk concert-goer. Once that occurred, security jumps in and escorts the guy out the door.

Props should definitely go to Ghost for keeping his composure because he even discouraged the crowd from assaulting the man any further. Clearly, things could have been a lot worse if the MC would have handled things differently. On that night, he was a true professional.

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