This one-wheeled, post-apocalyptic electric unicycle might be just what you’re looking for if you’ve officially given up on public transportation, cars, gasoline engine and attempts at man-made wings.

RYNO Motors has designed a self-balancing, one-wheel, electric scooter that looks like it crawled right off the cutting room floor of the a Blade Runner movie. This twisted little spectacle is one part transportation genius, and another part circus sideshow. Watch this video and you’ll see the only thing missing is a dancing bear. Harrison Ford is also missing, which is surprising, because he’ll star in just about anything these day.

Scheduled to begin production in January 2013, RYNO Motors believes that this one-wheeled beast is poised to create real fundamental change once it hits the streets. However, at this time we are still uncertain. It definitely looks dangerous but it doesn’t appear to have enough “die with your boots on” appeal to risk both life and limb on a single wheel.

That said, the monkeys at the circus are going to look pretty badass revving around on these micro-cycles.