In celebration of the 3 day Memorial Day Weekend, HOT 99.1 is going to feature a HOT weekend in the mix with plenty of featured djs! This is how we kick off summer makin it official on HOT 99.1!

The exciting all star Master of the Mix Weekend all starts off today with Dj Supreme & The Supreme Experience starting @ 5pm! Join Linda Love alongside Dj Supreme & Dj Heat with The HOTness @ 7pm & Adri V & Dj Big Rob will shut down your TGIF Friday night kickin off the holiday weekend!

On Saturday morning we kick it off with The Supreme Experience! Check out JD Redman with some fab guest djs on the 1s & 2s like Dj Mr Illmatic, Cirroc Boy, Black Bottle Boy & The Problem Child Dj Rookie!  Dj Show, Dj Heat & Dj Heavyness tear it up on Saturday night in the mix!

And on Sunday we shut it down with Chubb Rock & Dj Bent Rock, Dj SHow, Dj Babi Katt, Dj Heavyness & Dj Illmatic!

Now that's an all star lineup for ya Memorial Day weekend!

So fire up the grill, toast those buns, set off ya Holiday BBQ in style with The Masters of the Mix Weekend on HOT 99.1!  Happy Memorial Day! It's gonna be a HOT summer with HOT 99.1!