Blac Youngsta’s plans for a booty competition

Blac Youngsta’s 2018 is going well, he just released his debut album entitled “223” with the hit single “Booty”. The visuals provide another dynamic because it’s filled with nothing but, pun intended. It’s already video of the year in my book, and come to find out its just 1 of 3 others coming. He’s planning to on marketing this thing like no other. Youngsta is planning on holding a competition where he will be buying a new booty for the fan which he calls “Build -A- Woman” contest.


He’s going to be working with Dr. Miami, notable plastic surgeon, to make sure the procedure is legit. Unfortunately, I know he will have participants, but ladies c'mon you don't need it! I don't agree with the competition, I think its asinine! As sad as it is, I find it slightly funny, but not really. How do you think this will go over?  Let me know what you think below.

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