Black excellence was all over Instagram when Diddy threw his 50th birthday bash in LA over the weekend.

If you haven’t seen the lavish and gorgeous pics, check out Diddy’s Instagram. One pic posted was Kanye & Jay reuniting with a dap. A picture can say a thousand words, while a dap is cool and all, we still don’t know if their friendship is going to get back to the way it was since their fall out in 2014.

Cuz ya’ll remember Jay & Bey didn’t show up to Kanye’s wedding back then and then Kanye started getting rid of Jay’s lyrics on some of his songs.

To bring insult to injury, Kanye also started going off on rants on stage about Jay & Beyonce and their kids. That’s when all hell broke loose and Jay stopped being cool with Kanye.

All in all, it looks like the two had a great time along with plenty other celebrities. Nothing like all that money in one room, who has time to beef?

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