In today's #BLANKSTARENEWS a man almost killed himself and destroyed a gas station in the process. A man tried to kill a spider at a gas station with a cigarette lighter last week his plan backfired and his car plus a gas pump was set ablaze.

He told police that when he saw the spider on his gas tank he pulled out the lighter to kill it because he was deathly afraid of the eight-legged insect.
'He didn’t have a cigarette. He didn’t have anything on him. All of a sudden I look out and I see flames,' employee Susan Adams told Fox 2.

Ok... out of all the things to try to kill a spider with at a gas station (flammable liquid all around you). This man decides to try and kill the spider with a lighter ? That makes absolutely no sense at all. Unfortunately he wasn't hurt. Maybe he would've learned a lesson if he had hurt him self.  I wonder if the spider even died ?