This sounds like something from a movie.

21-year-old Trepierre Hummons of Cincinnati called 911 twice on himself. According to CNN:

He told the dispatcher there was a man acting belligerent with a gun in the street. When asked about the subject's race, the caller said "a black man, of course." He even gave the dispatcher his own name. 48-year-old Officer Sonny Kim was the first officer to arrive on the scene and he found Trepierre in the the street with a gun. Trepierre shot Officer Kim a 27-year veteran of the Cincinnati Police Department and father of three multiple times. Trepierre then wrestled away the officer's Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handgun, police say. He then began shooting at a probation officer who had stopped to assist on his way to work. A gun fight broke out and Trepierre was fatally shot. Trepierre's mother was on the scene and witnessed her son drawing his weapon and shooting at the officers. After the shooting, Trepierre's Facebook friends revealed screenshots of a farewell message he sent them that morning. One read: "I love every last one of y'all to whoever has been in my life... you're the real mvp." He also texted friends, saying: "I real love you and thank yu [sic] for all you've ever done for me." His family members are now telling reporters he was a saint. Meanwhile, his friends were yelling at officers at the scene and condemning police on social media.

Here is the 911 call: