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If you have a weak stomach, this may not be the story for you.

A paroled killer was arrested in Indiana last week for reportedly killing a woman and eating a portion of her brain. Here is how it all went down, according to the police department.

Tammy Jo Blanton was killed in her Jefferson, Ind. home last Thursday. Around 3 a.m., she phoned police to report the menacing presence of Joseph Oberhansley, who she said was trying to access her home. Responding officers ordered Oberhansley to leave, but received a second call about seven hours later.

Jefforsonville Sheriff

Oberhansley was found inside of the home, and Blanton's corpse was discovered in the bathtub with parts of her skull missing. Authorities say Oberhansley confessed to cooking and eating part of her brain, as well her heart and lungs.
This is the most amazing thing about this story is that this happened while Oberhansley was free on parole following his conviction for killing his girlfriend and shooting her mother in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1998. Why was he paroled in the first place ?