Last we heard from Lupe Fiasco, he rhymed for nine straight minutes on the cut "Mural." Last night, he kept things a little shorter for television, performing the song "Little Death" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. With a little help from Nikki Jean, the Chicago MC gave a solid performance, standing on the edge of the stage, rapping passionately. He was dressed impeccably too. Sporting a fly grey trench coat, with black pants and a black shirt, the stylish rapper looked like he was ready to hit the runway after he rapped. Nikki Jean also looked sharp, wearing a royal blue top that clashed nicely with her camouflaged skirt. Although he rocks just fine in front of a DJ, Fiasco is best when he plays with a live band, and what better hip-hop band could he play with than The Roots. As usual, Questlove made the already groovy track a little more bouncy, adding punchy kicks and snares to the other lush sounding instruments. Meanwhile, Lupe chose to keep the microphone on its stand to keep his hands free. For each word he used a different hand gesture, which added to the overall performance. The rapper's Tetsuo & Youth LP dropped last month on Jan. 20, debuting at No. 14 on the Billboard 200 chart. Fiasco sold nearly 42,500 copies in the project's first week of release, the lowest selling effort of his career so far. This latest album is also supposed to be the 33-year-old's last project on Atlantic Records. For years, he's expressed frustration with the label. Fans are waiting to see the rhymer's next big move.

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