So weeknights I like to turn up the sexy on HOT After Dark, not only by playing sexy R&B joints but by having some adult conversation! Last night's Love & War question had the Internet a buzz! Let’s see what some of you thought of Love & War question last time on HOT After Dark!

HOT After Dark starts @ 10pm with Linda Love ya R&B DIva After Dark! LOVE & War ? Why is it so hard to be the 1st person in a relationship to utter those 3 little intimidating words..."I Love U"? Whether it's insecurity, embarrassment, fear of rejection, or just being plain scurred, no one wants to tell their significant other "I love you" first.

Hit me up on The LOVEline 518 336 5991 to give your input nightly on the LOVE & War ?

Let's see how Facebook responded to this topic last night!





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Thankx for the love men of Facebook! We as women never know what the heck yall are thinkin! Men are from Mars & women are from Venus afterall! LOL Or is it men are from Venus & women are from Mars?? IDK LOL Just tune into HOT After Dark tonight for another edition of LOVE & War!