So weeknights I like to turn up the sexy on HOT After Dark, not only by playing sexy R&B joints but by having some adult conversation! Thursday night’s Love & War question had the Internet a buzz! Let’s see what some of you thought of last night's Love & War question last time on HOT After Dark!

So recently I had a co-worker of mine tell me she has been with her man for 8 years but they have an "open marriage." Now before you form preconceived notions on exactly what's goin' down in their bedroom, let me clarify a few things.

My co-worker has been 100 percent faithful to her husband. She may flirt with other dudes here and there, text or "sext" if you will, or even meet up for a cup of coffee. But has she slept with any of these guys? No. But on the other hand, she claims she "allows" her husband to sleep around. In fact, she swears it keeps them happy and together for this length of time!
The kicker is she guesses he has slept with countless numbers of women! She says as long as he gets regular STD/HIV tests and uses protection she is fine with it because he doesn't have to lie or sneak around on her. That's why it's an "open" marriage. One, for the honesty and two, for the fact they can be with other people.
Now how do you feel 'bout this? I was appalled and thought she was damn near out of her mind because in today's world you can die from being promiscuous! I mean, isn't that why you get married? To "forsake all others?" I get the point of she wants him to tell her if he's stepping outside of the relationship and not lie to her but come on! He has been with many other women yet she cannot bring herself to even take it that far.
Listen, to each their own, and I am certainly not tryin' to tell anyone how to live their lives but I found this to be very extreme. How did some of you feel about this LOVE & War topic? Well we took to Facebook to find out! Here's some of the responses!
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