So weeknights I like to turn up the sexy on HOT After Dark, not only by playing sexy R&B joints but by having some adult conversation! Last night’s Love & War question had the Internet a buzz! Let’s see what some of you thought of last night Love & War question of the night!

Last night I asked you what you would do if you walked in on your man or lady and caught them cheating? I know Eddie Murphy's famous jokester line "It wasn't me" gets a lot of laughs, but this is serious business! Really, what would you do if you saw your significant other in bed with someone else in your bed?

Would you go crazy and cause a scene, flip out, beat your lover or their lover up? Or would you walk away from a dysfunctional situation because it's not worth it?

Really, if someone is so low to do that, they don't deserve you at all in my opinion!

Here's what you had to say last night to my LOVE & War ?

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