People’s Instagrams be poppin in the stories, that’s where all the subliminals and the real talk goes down.

So JR. Smith responded to his wife’s Instagram video when she called out his affair with some chick. She was talking some silliness saying that she was praying for them both. Now my issue is first of all, don’t bring God into this messiness. And why go online to air your husband’s dirty laundry?

If no one has truly followed their love story, I’m gonna give you a lil synopsis: His first baby mama and his wife’s baby were born months apart and he was in a public relationship with another woman when he married his wife secretly. This is a lesson that nothing good comes out of playing in the background...dude ain't done doing what he want to do on the side.

Why did she have to take all this to social media? Now you open yourself up to a response in which JR said on his Instagram:


So now the question is, can you be separated from your spouse and step out and it still be called an affair? Technically you are still married. But as usual, you gotta spell things out for some people in black and white. His wife felt cheated on even though he said they were separated during the time.

Look, keep your love life private off of social media when it comes to drama. Homegirl needs to move on, what she gonna do pray, for all of them? JR doesn’t care!

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