Yes even a diva like Beyoncé can get sick of long hair (hurr)!  Looks like Beyoncé did more than snapped off her wig or removed her tracks. She really cut her hair!


Hair is big time maintenance fellas of the cap region! Why do we ladies take forever & a day to get dressed? Because we got hair & makeup to do! If we didn't take forever we would all be plain Jane's!

Hair especially is a lot of work. We go through great lengths to look a million bucks. Straightening, relaxers, flat ironing, weaving, keratin treatments, wigs, curling etc. Its time consuming & exhausting! It seems as though new mom "B" is getting her MILF on & wants a low maintenance hair-do. She is like many other ordinary moms! Go figure!

Well Beyoncé's hair must really take a beating, from all the wigs & weaves she rocks on stage & at different functions, her scalp needs to breathe! Maybe her own hair, which was pretty long to begin with, was a little damaged from all the processing & she cut it short for that reason too.

Beyoncé's mom Tina had a hair salon & was always experimenting with the new styles on her daughter & her group Destiny's Child. Beyonce has even admitted to cutting & highlighting her own bangs recently & claims to have been a hairdresser in another life! LOL The inspiration for the Bills, Bills, Bills video was Beyoncé's mom Tina Knowles' hair salon.

For whatever reason, Beyoncé looks a little like her character from Cadillac Records, Etta James!  Still a beauty though, check out the Instagram pics she posted!

Love it or Hate it?

Photos courtesy of Instagram