Last night's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop' has got it all. Babies, backstabbing and birth control -- what more could you really ask for?

With the continuous sparring matches between Erica Mena and Cyn Santana, this week Cyn is looking for other opportunities on how to flourish on her own. After meeting with Chrissy Monroe, the fiery redhead is considering working with Rich Dollaz -- actually Rich Pesos, according to her. Two of Erica's exes working together? This can't end well.

Before that collab gets started, Erica meets up with Rich to find out why she just can't find love. And while their friendship seems to be getting better, things get complicated when Cyn and Rich decide to not only work on getting one of her songs on iTunes but also having Cyn be the face of Rich's new liquor, 79 Gold.

Even though things look good across the board, Rich decides to comes clean to Erica about the plans before someone texts her first to tell her the news. And unsurprisingly, the conversation doesn't end well. Erica informs him that she's taking money out of her hand and giving her ex a money plate for free by giving her the opportunity to promote his brand.

Peter Gunz is back from Barbados and just in time to take Amina Buddafly, who's in labor, to the hospital. And while he's excited to see his baby girl come into the world, he's doing his best to hide his feelings about Tara Wallace. The rapper and his former girlfriend had a deep, honest conversation on their last night in the Caribbean, but Amina still doesn't know he traveled their with her -- a major lie that he's trying to keep hidden.

Just when we thought Peter was thinking about the well-being of Amina and the new baby, he throws the biggest bomb at her and tells her about that conversation he had with Tara -- he tries to cover his lie by saying this was all done over the phone. Peter informs Amina that they spoke about getting back together, but Tara is choosing to move on, which makes Amina feel like she's just sloppy seconds. It's not a happy sight to see as you watch her cry in a hospital bed minutes before giving birth. But in the end, she seems to be taking him back -- again.

Chrissy and Chink meet up to work things out after the studio meltdown last week. However, they're taking some big steps backwards and it's all Chrissy's fault. She brings up a few things that makes the producer uneasy -- the ex-wife he's still technically married to and the fact she wants to start a family with him. Although Chink calms her nerves about the ex situation, the baby talk throws him for a loop. And instead of saying he wants to have kids with Chrissy, he tells her he needs to think about it. Chrissy sits down with her best friend to talk about her desire to have children and how she's already gotten off birth control. And when she tells Chink about it, things blow up in her face.

"Therapy sessions with Rich Dollaz" continues with Cisco reveals how his relationship with his ex, Tasha, went down. Not only do we find out that she literally packed up all their things, took the kids and moved to Los Angeles, but we also learn that he was creeping on his baby mama. By the end of it, Cisco realizes that he needs to sort things out with his ex before he really moves on and gets into a relationship. Cisco flies down to Atlanta to meet with Tasha and tell her everything. However, emotions flare and it looks like this could turn into a custody battle real quick.

Yandy and Mendeecees seem to go through a little snag this week with some serious conversation regarding his upcoming court date. Since her best friend Candy warned her about the fact that he might go back to jail, Yandy reveals that she's down for her man for the long haul. For a second we thought they be headed toward a rocky road, but the stars align and all is well with the couple.

There's a lot brewing in this week's episode, which means there are bound to be loads of explosions next week. Stay tuned to see what happens.

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