This week's episode of Love & Hip Hop picks up where the fiery argument between Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris left off. While he tries to explain why he lied about their child being in the hospital, Yandy falls into an emotional state because their son was actually put in the hospital for kidney surgery when he was two months old. So she feels Mendeecees went too far with his white lie and demands he apologize.

Meanwhile, Chrissy Monroe has been reeling over her volatile relationship with Chink Santana. Being with the married man for the past two years has really taken a toll on her because he doesn't seem to be moving on from his past. So she sits down with Cyn Santana to vent about the situation. This is no one-sided conversation because Cyn tells Chrissy of her plans to confront Erica Mena. She's been talking smack about Cyn and she wants to really have her final say about their past relationship and end that chapter in her life. But before she confronts Erica, Cyn meets with Cisco Rosado to work on the charity song for her late brother. The two bond over their lost brothers -- we find out that Cisco's brother was shot and killed.

Not only does Cyn get emotional in the studio, but she also starts breaking down when she tries to find closure with Erica. Cyn wants to know how Erica and Shad Moss (aka Bow Wow) got together and are now getting married. She tells Erica everything she's feeling, including the frustration she carries, but she still cares about her. Cyn explains that she needed to say everything to help her move on. And by the end of the conversation, both women are in tears.

Diamond Strawberry asks Rich Dollaz to bring Cisco a letter that she wrote, but it seemed that Rich had other plans. He tells Diamond that Cisco just blew off her letter and laid on the flirtation. The sexual tension between the two goes to another level when Rich kisses Diamond's neck then leaves her hanging. Now clearly something is going to happen between these two. However, when he goes back to Cisco, it's clear the producer isn't feeling the two getting together and pretty much tells Rich not to touch his ex. (Oops, too late.) But Rich promises not to get with Diamond -- let's hope he keeps his promise.

Rich then gets Mendeecees and Cisco together to talk about what's going on between him and Diamond and what Cisco thinks about the whole situation. The spotlight is then pointed at Chink when Rich shows him a lingerie spread that Chrissy did in a magazine, which Chink didn't appreciate. This makes him realize all the things his dad warned him about Chrissy since the beginning. He confronts Chrissy while she's shopping, and a full-blown argument occurs, including how he can't introduce her to his family. And in the end, it looks like that'll be the last conversation they're having, possibly ever.

And things aren't looking too great for Peter Gunz. After finding out that his current wife Amina Buddafly and former flame Tara Marshall had a conversation about Peter's infidelity, Amina threatened to leave New York for Hamburg, Germany with their daughter. She also reminds him that she may want out of their relationship. And in this episode, it looks like she made good on her promise when Peter walks into their empty apartment. But he won't go out without a fight and plans to head to Germany and try to win Amina back -- or at least show that he still cares about her even though he knows it can blow up in his face. When he gets to Hamburg, Amina and her sister Jazz are surprised he's there, but he didn't get the loving welcome he hoped for. Amina admits that it's too late for them and tells him to move out of their place in New York.

Although it didn't seem like Tara would make it on this episode, she does have a chance to tell Yandy about her new business -- an artist etiquette training firm. While she's very excited about the new venture, she starts venting about how Peter went to Germany for Amina and gets upset about the fact that she's not over his cheating and the overall situation. The two sit down with Amina's mom for drinks, and it's clear her mama doesn't like Peter for what he's done. And Amina looks like she's made up her mind and wants to break up. Now it seems as if divorce papers are in the works when they're both back in the U.S.

See how these dramas further unfold next week.

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