Love & Hip Hop season five just ended this week, which only means one thing: the latest season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is right around the corner. After seeing the initial trailer in which Stevie J and Nikko fight, it's clear season four shouldn't be missed. A few new trailers have popped up and they showcase even more drama for everyone involved.

Yung Joc's new girlfriend, Khadiyah, discovers that she's having his baby, but things heat up after her friend calls her out for being the baby mama of a guy who's still married. "You are dealing with a man who has eight children by four different women and who is still legally married," the woman yells at Khadiyah.

Later on in the clip, Khadiyah whispers the news to Joc and he does not look excited.

Erica Dixon and Momma Dee are discussing child support and the person who has to cough up the money. Our bet is on Lil Scrappy. Rasheeda then tells Karli Redd she doesn't want to be friends anymore. Mimi clearly has found out about Nikko London's secret wife, Margeux Simms, as the two start exchanging words and potentially punches inside a club. The clip above ends with Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J having a lover's quarrel about their upcoming wedding.

In the next clip, we see a crying Margeux tell Nikko how she feels about their relationship. He tries to comfort her and tell her that he is still her husband. Meanwhile, Mimi Faust has a long talk and faces the issues she has with Stevie J and Nikko. Finally, at the tail end of this clip, Margeux tells Joseline that Nikko let her know all about the sex tape, which makes Joseline's jaw drop to the ground.

Just after reading all of that, there's a lot of catching up to do for fans of the show. So Love & Hip Hop Atlanta made a video giving us reasons why we should all tune in. Starting with Yung Joc, he tells us that the season will be like "whoa" while Rasheeda warns the new characters featured on this season. "You better get in where you fit in, child," she says. "'Cause it's not a game over here at Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

However, Margeux says she doesn't care because she's ready. Khadiyah is expecting some love and hate to come her way. "You gonna see some fists. You gonna see some choking. You gonna see some beatin'," she explains, counting off everything viewers will get to see.

Finally, once the cast is asked who will be the center of the drama this season, they all give their opinions. And although they might be cracking on each other, it is pretty entertaining to watch. So remember to tune in on April 20 for the fourth season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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