Last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta left us feeling for Khadiyah “KD” Lewis when her relationship with Yung Joc really started to crumble after the rapper said he wasn't ready to make a commitment to her.

However, in this week's episode, it looks like sleeping on his friend's couch is getting old for the ATL rhymer and he's ready to turn over a new leaf and get his girl back. Apparently Joc has been setting up a lovely bed in Rasheeda and Kick Frost's house for a few days. And while Kirk is trying to help his boy out, Rasheeda wants her couch back. So she sits down with Joc to figure out what his plans are and ends up agreeing to talk to KD about him while she's looking at properties for her upcoming store. While it's sweet of Rasheeda to help a brother out, she just wants this grown man off her couch.

Rasheeda finally meets with KD and real estate consultant Brandi Hunter, who shows her one of a few properties that could potentially be Rasheeda's store. While they look around, she finally lays it out for KD about Joc and tells her that he's been on the Frosts' couch for almost a week. KD is hesitant to hear that Joc wants to work things out because of all she's been through, but because she respects Rasheeda, she'll meet with Joc.

When the former couple reunite at a diner, the rapper has some surprises for KD -- roses and some furry handcuffs. She's surprised yet a little weirded out by the gesture, but Joc explains that the cuffs are to show that he'll always be by her side. So if she doesn't want him to go anywhere, she can cuff him in place, which she does. Although she softened up by Joc's display, she's still not ready to accept his apology especially since he admitted to crashing at Sina's before being at the Frosts' place. KD says no to Joc about rekindling their romance, but it looks like he's made some progress -- even if it did leave him handcuffed to the table at the diner.

While new cast addition Jessica Dime has been quiet over the past couple of episodes, she is back this week in hopes to work on her career in the ATL. So she meets with Dawn Heflin, the manager who convinced Jessica to come to Atlanta in the first place, for some advice. The two enjoy some girl time while getting pedicures and Dawn convinces Jessica to leave Mimi Faust and Stevie J's management team and head over to hers. The only issue is that Jessica gave Mimi 90 days to set something up for her. However, that time is almost over and Jessica is ready to jump ship.

Since Jessica met Mimi through Karlie Redd, the two meet up at a pool to chat about business and other things. While Karlie has already told Joseline Hernandez that Stevie has been working with Jessica, she finds out that the latter has yet to meet him. On top of that, Jessica is ready to start working with Dawn. After that's settled, the conversation moves toward Joseline again. Jessica is ready to reveal the real reason she knows Joseline.

Apparently Joseline's tricking days were witnessed by Jessica while they were down in Miami and Stevie knew all about it. Jessica claims Stevie would even make passes at her in attempts to make their relationship a sexual one. Now Karlie, who's all about the gossip, is getting flustered by this news. Now she gets a sense of why Joseline and Stevie have been avoiding Jessica. But of course, like any good gossip detective, she has to check in with the source herself.

So she meets up with Joseline for a drink and gets an earful of the Puerto Rican princess' side of the story. Apparently Jessica's tale is twisted and Joseline claims that she was in fact the trick in the situation. Not only did Jessica get paid for some bed time with Joseline but she also took her business to all of the celebrity athletes around Miami. Then Joseline reveals she only gave Jessica money because she knew she had none -- not for her services. The conversation ends with Joseline wanting to link with Jessica in the studio so they can finally address things. Things get heated between the two once they are face to face and even Stevie J wants to leave the room.

Meanwhile, after her fight with Ariane Davis, Mimi wants to patch things up with her best friend. So luckily for her, Ariane is open to inviting Mimi to her new house. As she checks out the new place, the conversation quickly turns to Nikko London and the lies about the sex tape. A full-fledged screaming match occurs, but this venting session needed to happen. It's clear that Mimi can depend on Ariane no matter what happens -- even if Mimi lied or Ariane is working with Margeaux Simms. That's what friendship is all about.

On the love and forgiveness route, Ariane plans a get together at her place -- both Mimi and Margeaux are invited. However, the moment that Margeaux comes over, the arguments start and it's her fault. While Mimi is trying to be calm but still defend herself, Margeaux goes off and eventually leaves Ariane's home. At that point, Margeaux is done with all things Mimi and Ariane.

Kalenna and Tony Harper have been on the rocks since the new club has come into their lives. Things get even rockier when the two hit a literal breaking point last week over the discussion about Kalenna's music career. So this week she has taken things into her own hands to meet with Deb Antney, Waka Flocka Flame's mom. Deb is a manager interested in working with Kalenna but she needs a signed contract from Tony to prove he's relinquishing all managerial rights to Kalenna's career.

While it looks like Kalenna is ready to move forward, things don't go so well when she brings the papers over to her husband. The two get into a heated argument over her new partnership with Deb and about the club, which has been draining them of their savings. He's not been there for her on the professional end, according to Kalenna. Tony eventually signs the papers, but Kalenna leaves the club upset once again. Now that they have eliminated the working relationship from their marriage, hopefully that will benefit their romance and new baby.

Between the Joseline-Jessica meeting and Joc and KD's up-and-down relationship, it's clear that there is more good stuff to come next week. So be sure to tune in.

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