Once a season of Love & Hip Hop ends, another one quickly begins. In the world of Mona Scott-Young, there's no down time. Now that the New York cast has finished its fifth season, we're back in the Dirty South for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The last time we saw cast members like Joseline Hernandez, there were punches being thrown so we hoped that things would cool down just a little bit. But after watching the previews of season four, there is more than enough drama going down this season.

Mimi Faust starts the episode by bringing us up to speed on what she's currently got going on in her life. She's trying to move past all of the sex tape business and is now focusing on MF Management, a music consulting business she created. She and Stevie J check out a new artist to work with, Tiffany Foxx, who's "all about the 90s" hip-hop sound.

After meeting with her, the former couple catch up and talk about their daughter Eva, who's been asking mommy for a sibling. Stevie thinks he's doing Mimi a solid by telling her he'll donate his "Sleazy J Special Sauce" -- in other words his sperm -- so that their daughter can have a little brother or sister. Mimi brings up Joseline's name to remind Stevie he has a wife, to which he explains that he just wants to bring everyone into one big happy family.

We're not too sure that's a realistic goal with this blended family. Mimi doesn't this so either because of Joseline, who was fighting everyone last season. And in case you didn't know, Joseline was "suspended" for one episode after all of her fights from last season's reunion special. Her name is brought up many times, but she's not around to defend herself.

Unfortunately, things between Stevie and Mimi heat up at Tiffany's performance showcase because he's wasted and makes a fool of himself. Mimi is worried that his substance abuse could ruin their working relationship, which causes her to address the issue with him. But after squaring that away, she tells him about Nikko London, who walked in on her photo shoot to tell her that she owes him 25 percent of her book. Apparently Mimi signed a contract with him while they were together. Since Stevie and Eva are in the memoir, she's worried. So he confronts Nikko about "owning" Mimi and their conversation ends in a fight.

Meanwhile, Karlie Redd and booking agent Dawn are in Miami supporting their girl Jessica Dime, who's doing her last pole dance at King of Diamonds strip club. Dawn is ready to take her to Atlanta to get her career going there. Jessica reveals that she signed with Flo Rida two years ago and was set on leaving her stripper life behind, but things didn't work out -- leaving her devastated and continuing on with the stripper life.

However, now she's ready to really make that career move, just like her stripper friend Chanel did. Chanel is Joseline's former stripper stage name. And while Karlie tells her their reunion should be good, Jessica admits that Joseline's been ignoring her. Dawn sets things straight and reveals that Joseline likely sees Diamond as competition. But in the end, Jessica is ready to go and intends to reconnect with Joseline.

Momma Dee is basking in her singing career and feeling at the top of her game. She has a performance to do and Erica Dixon is there to support her. After squashing their past issues due to her relationship with Scrappy, she's now the one telling the grandmother of her child about the issues with him. The rapper is not paying his child support. Momma Dee thinks the reason why he's slacking is perhaps due to his new girl, Bambi. So being the good mom that she is, she speaks with her son after her performance. But in the end, Scrappy says his only concern is for his daughter.

Mimi decides to have a girls night with Rasheeda Frost, Erica, Arianne and Karlie to catch up on everything going on in their busy lives, which they do while having a painting session. Joseline is a topic for a hot second, then the conversation moves to Mimi revealing that she and Stevie are going into business together for MF Management. She admits he offered her his "special sauce," which makes all of the women cringe.

Erica talks about her baby daddy drama while Rasheeda is really happy to announce that she and hubby Kirk Frost are about to celebrate their 15-year wedding anniversary. She also informs her friends he has a new artist, Ashley Nicole, whom he's meeting during their girl time. Karlie mentions her friend Jessica, who's looking to jumpstart her singing career and Mimi is interested in managing her, but holds back once she finds out Jessica rolls with Joseline.

In this episode, we also meet Margeaux, Nikko's wife of seven years. They're separated but have an open marriage. Margeaux was fine with their situation until she found out about Nikko and Mimi's sex tape. So Nikko heads to New York City to patch things up with Margeaux, whom he wants to move to Atlanta. While she looks strong, Margeaux eventually breaks down and says she worked her ass off to get a music deal then he had to do a sex tape. He continues to push her to go to Atlanta, but she just tells him she'll think about it.

We finally get to see Kirk's new artist Ashley at his downtown office, which is actually an apartment. What kind of work is getting done in that bedroom? He reveals that even though Rasheeda knows about Ashley, she is unaware that his office is an apartment. Rasheeda has been wanting a storefront for her jewelry and cosmetics line, and clearly this apartment is the reason why she's not getting it.

There's a lot going on in this episode with or without Joseline and we're sure that when she returns, the drama will explode. Join us next week to see the fights and fiascoes on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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