It takes a strong person to record a song like this, much less make it the lead single of your album. But it should come as no surprise that Locksmith would be the artist willing to be so brave and bold. 'Hardest Song Ever' relives painful memories, but also inspires hope for those who have gone through abuse.

"This is my personal account of abuse and its effect on my life. If my story can help any other person that is suffering, then I have truly accomplished something special."

It is a powerful song and video as Locksmith's verses are accompanied by people holding signs of encouragement for those who've been abused.

Locksmith sugarcoats nothing here as he raps, "And the memory, I suppressed it / depression is pressing, that's what the stress did / I pushed away any woman I could connect with / that's the s--t you do when you deal with being molested / infested with impatience, I started aching / hatred and deep guilt was the deadliest combination."

Locksmith's album 'A Thousand Cuts' will be released on April 15th and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes.