Ya boy OOOooo is bzack! I am talkin bout Maybach Music's Omarion, with a new sexy single & album he shows us how grown he is from his B2K days.

We watched him literally go from a boy to a hot, sexy man right in front of our eyes since he was with lead singer of B2K. Maybach Music is home to the R&B singer these days & he as in true Maybach style, has put out a series of mixtapes called "Care Package". "Sex Playlist" is his follow-up to his 2010 album "Ollusion" which wasn't as hittin as we all hoped it would be.  "It's more concept-driven," he says of "Sex Playlist." "It's not about just having a sex playlist, it's about having the right sex playlist, because you can't have sex without love… It's not just about the lustful idea of sex. It's a playlist for the lovers."

Amen. well said grown & sexy brother Omarion. Well said.

Rozay's MMG label utilized Omarion's singing talents to add to the other talents Ross already enlisted for MMG such as Wale & Meek Mill.  Omarion was featured on MMG's "Self Made Vol 1 & 2 mixtapes in 2012 & 2013.

Check out the first single off of Sex Playlist, "You Like It" ...Do you or don't you?

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