A simple traffic stop led to big trouble for one Colonie auto sales shop owner.  36-year-old John S. Dzandza, of Saratoga Autos, has been arrested and faces multiple charges for allegedly using and reproducing fake temporary dealer tags.

A Colonie patrol officer stopped a vehicle that displayed a Texas dealership tag that was later deemed fraudulent.  A joint investigation of Saratoga Autos began with officers from the Colonie Police Department Traffic Division, New York State Environmental Police, New York State Police, and New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

The investigation concluded that the paper temporary dealer tag from Texas was fraudulent and a warrant was subsequently issued for Mr. Dzandza. The warrant was executed at the dealership, located at 2200 Central Ave. in Colonie on Tuesday, September 8.

Mr. Dzandza is facing some serious charges.  He has been charged with a felony count of reproduction of a false license plate/tag, second-degree forgery of an official document, second-degree possession of a forged instrument, and first degree falsifying business records.

There could be more bad news for Mr. Dzandza because the investigation is still underway.  The Colonie Police Department continues to investigate Mr. Dzandza and Saratoga Autos for additional violations or crimes.

Saratoga Autos is a legitimate business with a black owner.  Having temporary tags is customary for auto sales businesses.  The reputation of the dealership is definitely under scrutiny and the business record has been clean thus far.  Hopefully, Mr. Dzandza can clean this up before the entire dealership is in jeopardy.

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