Recently Dan America sat down with Endia, a Capital Region native who is working hard to break into the music industry with her style of hardcore rap.

Endia is very serious and passionate about her music. She is an independent artist who produces her own music. Endia has been working on her style of hardcore rap for 16 years and has been performing live for 8 years in Atlanta, GA and New York, she has four singles, two that have already dropped and two more on the way along with three videos an album: “I Am Endia" drops 12/01/17.

When Dan America sat down for an interview with Endia he decided it would be fun to challenge her to a Rap Battle, he learned quickly that he was way out of his league, but that is not all that he learned. Watch the interview to find out more about Endia and watch as she schools Dan America with her talent.

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