Kanye west is back in the news for saying something outlandish.. again

Well I guess the Old- New Kanye is back, a few weeks ago he was on the positive, dropping life gems for the world via twitter. Just when we thought we were going to get the old Kanye back, he reminds us that he is in the sunken place, literally. Today he makes the news for stating although slavery was 400 years, that it wasn’t a choice. As we all know slavery was a power dynamic that Europeans took advantage off.


After getting pressed by the Black community, he has retraced his statement to clarify that since we had the numbers vs the Europeans we should have combat against it. Since we didn’t it showed how we were enslaved mentally… right Kanye. His peers has been reaching out to him, that he is loved and whatever mental issues he’s having to seek help before things get out of hand. See his tweets here. Let us know what you think of his response.

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