Forget Friday; you'll be thanking God it's Sunday when you hear Scolla's incredibly soulful new single, 'Peace.' Those familiar with the Detroit rapper's work will know he's no stranger to melody. But here, his raps take a back seat to some seriously angelic crooning that even his longest supporters might be surprised to discover he has in his skillset.

"Back in the days when I was younger/ Back in the days when I was younger/ I ain't have a worry in the world/ Can it be like that once more?" he sings, proving that the song doesn't just sound as sweet as honey, but actually connects with listeners on a deeper emotional level.

Although this writer hates making artist comparisons -- especially when it comes to fresher faces -- you can't help but to hear a resemblance to BJ The Chicago Kid in Scolla's soft, layered vocals. The gently-sedated sound bed and crisp, clunking drums form the perfect backdrop to his wide-ranging vocals.

Peace to Scolla for this one. Keep an ear out for his new project, 'OG Cool,' coming soon.

Listen to Scolla's 'Peace'

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