I have been to Lincoln Park several times and never knew there is a ghost story that haunts the park. Did you know Lincoln Park is home to one of the first Native American vs Colonist battles that took place in the United States?

According to Albany History, the story goes like this a group of "settlers" decided to go explore the creek. They were met with a barrage of arrows killing several while consuming and burning the bodies of those that survived that were captured. While this sounds like a tragedy there is no official documentation on how many people died or how they died on the day. It also sounds like these settlers were somewhere they weren't supposed to be and ended up being casualties of their own ignorance.

Either way, something happened in Lincoln Park during the late summer of 1626. The rumor is that the ghost of the Dutch soldiers still haunts the park. There are reports of people seeing ghost roaming through various locations throughout the park for decades. This ghost story doesn't really hold any merit, it seems more logical that this probably was used as a warning to other settlers to stick to the Fort.

Check out these photos from the historic park and ghost story site.

Lincoln Park Gully Massacre

The site didn't feel haunted to me while I was taking pictures and it never seemed that way before. If something tragic did happen here it was likely the fault of the settlers who got involved in the Native nation's treaties and battles.

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