This is how the entrance to Lincoln Park `looks like now.


This is what the entrance of Lincoln Park used to look like

Lincoln Park Gully

If you haven't seen Lincoln Park lately, prepare yourself for shock when you see how many trees have been cut down recently.

Some Albany residents are furious at the sight they’ve seen at Lincoln Park as contractors cut down more than 20 trees in the park.

According to Times Union, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan agrees with some local residents, that the way contractors destroyed at least 20 trees in Lincoln Park is appalling. According to the mayor's office, some of the trees were slated to be removed and replanted, but instead, they were cut down and discarded.

David Galin, a spokesperson for the mayor's office, says that the mayor is outraged at the way the contractor cut down the trees. He said, “While many of the trees were slated for removal as part of the work to construct three new basketball courts and pavilion, work will not be restored until we communicate further with local stakeholders and give the contractor the go-ahead”.

Local residents are excited about the prospect of a new and exciting park, but some of the trees were beautiful and cannot be simply replaced. There were large oak trees and smaller fruit trees that were destroyed. The contractor intends to plant new trees, but it will take years for the trees to mature and grow into the shade trees they are meant to replace.

Although 20 trees were destroyed, a local resident, Danielle Hille intervened and saved several trees from destruction. Ms. Hill says that she had been working with the city of Albany on the plans and says that the plan was not to remove all of the trees from the park.

We all look forward to the new and exciting changes to the park, but the upgrades to the park are coming at an expense. Hopefully, the mayor's office and the contractors will be on the same page moving forward.



The Lincoln Park Gully Massacre

The Lincoln Park Gully Massacre




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