We haven’t heard from Lil Wayne in a while but that doesn’t mean that he’s resting on his rap laurels. In fact, the Young Money leader is in the mood for love. During an interview on ‘MTV’s Hip-Hop POV,’ he revealed that he wrote an album’s worth of love songs while he was in prison.

The album is titled Devol (phonetically pronounced “devil”) and it’s Weezy’s pet music project that he’s been producing on the side. “I was also recording an album at the same time called Devol, spelled D-E-V-O-L ’cause that’s ‘Loved’ spelled backwards,” he explains. “And it’s my version of love songs. And what I mean by my version of love songs is meaning they’re not saying I love you. It’s all material I did when I was locked up.”

But before Wayne releases his so-called love album, he is going to drop the long-awaited ‘I Am Not a Human Being Part 2′ album this summer, according to Young Money president Mack Maine. Also, during the interview, Weezy stated that he recently re-signed with Cash Money under a 4-album deal. So expect more Tunechi in the future.

Watch Lil Wayne Talk ‘Devol’ album on ‘MTV’s Hip-Hop Pov’