Though given very few solid leads, fans are still holding out hope that Lil Uzi Vert's illusive Eternal Atake album will see the light of day. The Philly rapper recently gave an update on the project and, well, don't hold your breath.

On Friday (Oct. 4), Uzi was in his hometown of Phillaldelphia and visited Raheel Ahmad, the Temple University student whose college tuition he promised to pay. The former XXL Freshman pulled up in his Bugatti, which naturally drew a crowd. After talking with Ahmad, Uzi went to get into his vehicle and was asked the obvious question by someone in the crowd: "When can we see the album?"

Uzi had a comically long pause while he pondered the query. He finally answered, "I don't even know," which upset the gathered crowd.

Fans have been waiting for Uzi's new album for over a year, after it was first teased on Twitter back in July 2018 and the album art was revealed. However, since then, struggles with his label and other factors have prevented the project's release. In May, Uzi said he was done recording the album and even offered a June release date. Clearly that date came and went without EA dropping. Since then, no positive updates have been revealed. So, when is Eternal Atake dropping? It looks like your guess is as good as Uzi's.

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