Reported by CNN, key witness Joshua Brown was shot and killed in his parking lot apartment complex Oct. 5 just days after Brown testified in Amber Guyger's murder trial, playing a major part in the 10-years sentencing of the ex-Dallas police officer. According to CBSNews, Brown was shot around 10:40 p.m. Friday. Several witnesses heard 2-3 shots and spotted a four-door silver sedan speeding from the crime scene. The 28-year old suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to the nearest local hospital but was pronounced dead.

This is a super sad story. This young man— just a neighbor—came forward as a voice for an innocent man that was shot and killed while in the comfort of his own home. In the African-American/ Black community the phrase "no snitching" is an unwritten law. For this young man to come forward in such a high-profile case against a police officer shows bravery, courage and unity within the black community. Unfortunately his good deed caused him his death. I hope the Dallas police department take the right procedures into solving this young man's case for there are witnesses and also a vehicle that was spotted on the scene.

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