It looks like Lil Durk may be in some legal trouble.

On Wednesday (May 29), the OTF leader hopped on his social media accounts to announce that he is “turning myself in tomorrow.” The Chicago rapper didn’t offer specifics on what he meant by that phrase but it’s usually tied to "turning myself into police.”

It's completely unclear why Durk would have to be arrested. The last arrest XXL documented took place in June 2013. For that instance, the rapper was busted with .40 caliber handgun after he threw the weapon in his car when police approached him in Chicago. Police recovered the loaded weapon and arrested Durk at the scene. He was later charged with “unlawful use of a weapon by a felon” and released on bond the following month.

Since then, Durk has been keeping himself busy and seemingly staying out of trouble. Recently, the 26-year-old rapper teamed up with Miami-based company SoFlo Snacks for the release of his own limited-edition cereal called DurkiO's. The cereal became available for pre-order on April 12 through SoFlo's official website.

"First rapper with his own cereal this ain’t regular ... pre order link drop Friday," an excited Durk wrote on Instagram account with a picture of the cereal box. The cartoon image on the box shows Durk sporting his blonde dreads and chain, digging into a bowl of the french vanilla-flavored cereal.

XXL has reached out to Lil Durk's for comment on his announcement.

Check out Durk's tweet and IG post below.

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